Summer Edition #001 (23.07.2016)

Tracklisting (Not Available in Podcast)

Traveltech – Astronaut In Space (Mistique)
Neil Quigley – Forbidden (Sudbeat)
Napalm & D Phrag – Tunnel Vision (Pangea)
Dousk – Look Good Tonight (Proton)
Criss Source – Lost (Balkan)
No One & Elliott Duquai – Mosquito Bay (Suffused)
Marcelo Paladini – Rules of Movement (Stellar)
Dulcet – Subside (Joof)
Sergio Fernandez – Tactical Surface (Baroque)
Third Personality – You Know (Bit)

Space Odyssey #117 (21.06.2014)


Mlab – God S Mysterious Ways (Massive Harmony)
Mesutisci Mert & Onat – Hypogeum (Mystic)
Pavlin Petrov – Dark Feelings (Mystic)
Marcelo Paladini – Hair (Balkan)
Hakan Akcan – Untitled File (Mystic)
Relaunch – Singapore Sling (Mistique)
Stage Van H – Sheppard S Dream (Old SQL)
Alex Vidal – Nomads Of The Sky (Old SQL)
AleJandro – Diva Stakk (Deepsessions)