Space Odyssey #050 (15.11.2008)

Tracklisting (Special 2 hours set for S.O. #50 Best Off)

M&D Substance – Prophecy (Quimika)
Kismet – Audiophile (Pilot 6)
Arnou Djacks – Blue Lagoon (Groove Baby)
Handycraft – Le Bal Masque (Boxer)
Daniel Portman – Arizona (Unreleased)
Cid Inc – Temper (Sick Watona)
Shlomi Aber – Efrat (Be As One)
Erphun – 2wo Butterflies (Audio Therapy)
DJ Remy – Mano (68)
Tom Sawyer – Dictator (Atsuo)
Tropical Highlight – 33 Degrees (Bralli Brazil)
Sikk – Muezzin (Pinkstar)
Dirty Thieving Mingrels – Clarkee Cap (Blurred Vision)
Seiran DJs – Dark Mind (Bit)
DJ Ico & Double D – Excess (USB Digital)
Behrouz – Beatbox (Stereo)
Kos – Castle Kickback (Familia)
Lula & Fama & Alan T – There Is Only One (Kult)
Maelstrom – Remember Your Inputs (Iboga)
Yura Popov – Need Control (Polytechnic)
Luciano Pardini – NY Darkness (Acuna Boyz)
JT & ST One – The Prophet (Flash)

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