Space Odyssey #035 (05.04.2008)


Radio Slave – What Happened (Cdr)
M&D Substance – Prophecy (Quimika)
Julius Papp & Tonee Green – Primitive Future (Cdr)
The Southern Brothers – Deep Taranta (Southside)
Adam Freemer – Underground Baby (Twisted)
M1 – Unravel (Cdr)
Tom Pooks – Moon H (Kill Brique)
Fo Sek – Heedron (Kindred)
Daniel Portman – Time Well Wasted (Unreleased)
Dirty Thieving Mingrels – Clarkee Cap (Blurred Vision)
Bigger Than Jesus – Itchy Glitchy Spider (Silver Planet)
Johan Chatkowski – Mission From God (Curvve)
Dot Matrix – Future (Rok It)
Al X Drum – Vital Drum (Batuque)
Tribal Agent – Back To Beat Box (Coraza)