Space Odyssey #024 (02.12.2007)


Radio Slave – Bell Clap Dance (Rekids)
Cyro – Pressure (Little Mountain)
Scope – My Generation (Audio Therapy)
TG – Test It (Infant)
Daso – Thujon (Connaisseur)
Gorge – katchuli (Plastic City)
Josh Wink – Screaming Hands (Rekids)
Marcel Fengler – Early Glow (Ostgut)
Rulers Of The Deep – The Last Survivor (Nrk)
Javith & Salazar – Orinoco (Distinto)
Stuart C – Electron Vibe (Often Gruven)
Fitalic – Fields Of Motion (Pangea)
Jose Del Valle – T1 (GT2)
Ashbury & Haight – MM2 (Cdr)
Cristian Paduraru – Pentateuch (Cdr)

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