Welcome on my blog, i’m DJ Chris-B from Marseille (France)
My Radio Show name is #Space Odyssey
Underground Music styles : Progressive | House | Tribal
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Ableton | Audacity | LMMS | Traktor

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#BMJ_Radio Play Now : Matteo Monero – Beyond The Inner Journey


Space Odyssey #137 (25.03.2017)


Manu Riga – Moments of Sobriety (Bonzai)
Paul Jove & Joc H – Farewell Inti (Bonzai)
Dp-6 – Evolve (Dp-6)
Volkan Erman & Hypnotic Progressions – Lost Times (Iconyc)
Persya – Shanalot (Bonzai)
Orelse – Ancient (Old SQL)
Michael A – Micrologica (Sudbeat)
Dyo Atoma – Skoteini Energeia (Inmost)
Deda – Real Key (Mystic)
Kintar & Mdve – Rage (Stereo)