Space Odyssey #040 (17.05.2008)


Vibrant – Express Yourself (Worldwide)
Joey Medina & Fei Fei – Peanut Butter EP (Baroque)
Julian Royal – Powered (Gangsta)
Christian Vila – Distorted Reality (Drum Central)
Stan Kolev – Asuncion (Outta Limits)
Arthur Explicit – Era (Think Big)
Djulz – Just So You Know (Ovum)
Tropical Highlight – 33 Degrees (Bralli)
Veinte Tres – Serpiente Cosmica (Rekids)
Boza – Let It Play (Modified)
Atomix – Bring The Beat Back (Ocean Drive)
17 Heathous – Developing Wishes (Worldwide Exclusive)
Seiran DJs – Dark Mind (Bit)
Ilario Naples – Hurricane (Dynamic)
Desert Dwellers – The Sacrament (Desert Trax)

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