Space Odyssey #039 (03.05.2008)


3Deep – Language Of Love (Ocean Dark)
Silent Hill – To The Groove (Electribe)
Luna City Express – Seven (Moon Harbour)
Torro Remote – Prog 100 (Dyami)
Corrugated Tunnel – Distant Sounds (Nightvision)
Ingo Vogelmann – Angelic (Sirion)
Daniel Portman – Starwarrior (Unreleased)
Def Disko – Solpadine (Baroque)
Francesco Rossi – Ibiza Dream (Python)
Jerome Sydenhan & Tiger Stripes – Elevation (Ibadan)
George Morel & Spj – Let’s Take Drugs (Yoshitoshi)
DJ Ico & Double D – Excess (USB Digital)
Behrouz – Beatbox (Stereo)
Mitch Boys – Brought Back (aenaria)
Dan Welton & Zulauf – Mad Bojo (Adjust)
Xavi Carrique – Close Your Eyes (Renno)

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