Space Odyssey #025 (09.12.2007)


Janet – Lesbian (Cdr)
Khaan – Pegasos (Traxx)
Bs As Deep & K-Pax – Portable Fingers (Display)
El Carlitto & Wollion – Hustle (Roxy)
Wollion & Harada – Metropolitan Fulltime (BluFin)
Kidscience – The Lights (Brique Rouge)
Ismael Rivas & Ivan Pica – X Channel (Factomania)
Les Schmitz Vs Amo & Navas – Negative (Fresco)
Oliver Moldan & Prawler – Club 69 (Audio Therapy)
Manuel De La Mare – Girl That Go (Omnis)
Glender – Ethnic Horizon (Aenaria)
Jose Del Valle – Dalits (GT2)
Glenn Morrison – Circles (Pilot 6)
Mindskap – Sie (Tkc)
Ashbury & Haight – Mm2 (Bass Walk)

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