Welcome on my blog, i’m DJ Chris-B from Marseille (France)
My Radio Show name is #Space Odyssey
Underground Music styles : House | Progressive | Tribal
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Summer Edition #001 (18.07.2015)


Moshic – A Lie Has No Legs (Contrast)
GMJ – Distance Pass (Balkan)
Jelly For The Babies – Johannesburg (Balkan)
Kobana – Sighted (Silk)
Ewan Rill – Pentacles (Balkan)
Alex Vidal – Mesmerized (Bonzai)
Rockin Beats – Law (Old SQL)
U4ea – Truth Serum (Old SQL)
Ethereal Mist – Strange Life Form (Spring Tube)
Airwave – A Touch Of Grace (Bonzai)

Space Odyssey #126 (20.06.2015)


Pavlin Petrov & Graham Lloris – Ancient Empire (Morninglory)
John Baykara – Requiem (Revelation)
Marcelo Vasami – Destiny (Dopamine)
Weird Sounding Dude – Musanjae (Clinique)
Platunoff – Arabian Nights (Mystic)
Rogier & Stage Van H – Buenos Aires (Just Movement)
Robert R Hardy – Joys Of Soul (Clinique)
Alejandro Manso – HD33564 (Suffused)
Cut Knob – Turn Up The Speakers (Stellar)
Yuriy From Russia – Congo Madness (Lowbit)

Space Odyssey #125 (23.05.2015)


Lucas Rossi – Return Of The Sun (Suffused)
Leach – Emotional Rollercoaster (Abstract Space)
Pavlin Petrov & Graham Lloris – The Eyes Of Truth (Mystic)
Kamilo Sanclemente – Erys (Revelation)
Jonatan Ramonda – Nave 088 (Balkan)
John Cosani – Adventure (Massive Harmony)
Adnan Jakubovic – Robots Dream (Mystic)
Alejandro Manso – HD33564 (Suffused)
Quadran – Animals Rebellion (Bonzai)
Rick Pier O Neil – Rool Into The World (Joof)

Space Odyssey #124 (25.04.2015)


Mlab – Greek Pride (Never Too Late)
Aquadro – Dogma (Revelation)
EDLands – Element (Massive Harmony)
Marcelo Vasami – City Reflections (Classound)
Alfonso Muchacho – The Snake (Abstract Space)
Antrim & Luis Bondio – Export Dynamism (System)
AudioStorm – Mind Prison (Balkan)
Loquai – Golden Wings (Balkan)
Ewan Rill & Casper – Lips (Balkan)
Abe Van Dam – Introvert (Old SQL)